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About Kristen

And Why She Paints

Years ago, at my dining room table, sat my beautiful and talented stepson, painting a picture of Peggy’s Cove, one of his absolute favourite places. I decided to sit down with him to try my hand at painting, which I had not done for at least a decade or more. My initial intention was simple: to share a moment with him. Little did I realize that this would awaken the artist within me.

Today, my journey has led me through the intricate maze of loss, marked by the sudden and jolting departures of my brother and my stepson. It was then followed by the loss of my father and most recently, my mother. I found myself adrift in a sea of grief but existing in a world that needed me to persevere and normalize my life. Here I discovered the transformative power of artistic expression where each painting is a chapter in my ongoing saga.

Each piece I create, I confront my experience head-on. I unearth buried emotions, allowing them to spill onto the canvas. My art is not merely a reflection of pain but it is a celebration of the human capacity for healing. Through the delicate interplay of colour and form, I strive to capture the essence of loss and reclamation.

My creative process is multi-faceted, incorporating various materials and techniques. Primarily working with acrylics, I let the materials lead me in unexpected directions, challenging me to push the boundaries of traditional art forms. I find comfort in knowing that with every brushstroke, I edge nearer to discovering peace within my heart.

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