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VIP Trade Program

Are you an interior designer, decorator or architect? Become an exclusive VIP Trade Member and elevate your art experience, securing your access to exclusive and sought-after artworks.

Benefits Of Being A VIP Trade Client

Enjoy a unique and personalized shopping experience


No need to wait for sales or promotions, you can enjoy exclusive VIP discounts anytime with 10% off original pieces and 15% off prints!


Need more time? Sometimes the 2-week window for a return is just not enough time to complete a space. As a VIP, you're entitled to an extended period of up to 30 days to return a piece if it does not work in the space.

If you're in the process of selecting multiple artworks for a commercial space, I am happy to assist you. I can provide personalized guidance and help you discover the perfect artwork to enhance your commercial environment while offering package pricing.

Curate Your Own Collection With Ease

With VIP access, you can enjoy the privilege of saving your favourite artwork for later. This way you can curate your personal gallery with ease, ensuring that your most cherished pieces are always just a click away. Join our VIP community today and elevate your art appreciation experience to the next level.

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